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“Design has to ensure both aesthetic and functional value for the user”

VE2 is a Danish design studio based in Aarhus. We design to create change. To develop brands, and to uncover the often forgotten and hidden potential of companies and products. Why are we called VE2? Because we always want to challenge your position. Because we believe that dialogue and exchange of ideas create innovative designs that develop brands.

A VE2 design stems from an intensive and persistent collaboration with our clients. We look at the company as a whole and always design based on a mission to strengthen our clients' potentials and opportunities via strategic product development. We do not only work towards a new design - we aim at a design that supports and develops your brand, your business.
Since 2007, together with our clients, we have developed companies and brands based on the conviction that "double down" makes the most sense. That companies achieve more - with less. That, together with us, they get the courage to uncover a strategy that creates added value.

Our approach is always the honest, personal dialogue, and our design aims for a simple, Scandinavian and long-lasting expression. A design that ensures both aesthetic and functional value for the user. As industrial designers, we see the beauty in repetition, in respectful production and in the design's constant relation to its surroundings.
A table with sketches and layouts of product designs
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Emil Møller Pedersen
VE2 was founded in 2007 by Morten Lauritzen and Hugo Dines Schmidt. The design studio is formed by a dedicated team of designers , all with a  professional background from the Aarhus School of Architecture.